You want to level up your profile and become a charismatic leader able to communicate, engage and motivate in an inspiring and authentic way?

Being able to communicate with charisma and confidence requires more than just a bunch of solid speaking skills. Inspirational and charismatic leaders take teams, peers and superiors on their journey because they speak from their innermost conviction, own who they truly are, and stand in their full power.

In this 2-day workshop you will develop concrete action steps that you can practice right away and you will be given the keys to open the door to your inner resources that enable you to trigger exactly the mindset shift you need to step up.



Level up your profile.

In this highly interactive live training you will trigger exactly the mindset shift you need to step up and communicate with charisma and authenticity.


Learn to understand and own who you truly are and how to use this knowledge in a conscious and targeted way to communicate with impact.


Create access to unconscious patterns, remove self-sabotaging beliefs. Grasp and mobilize your personal power resources!


Get real-life-advice and work on concrete situations in which you want to improve. Plan out concrete action steps that you can practice right away!

16 hours to make a substantial shift.

You will enter this event at 9.00 am CET on Friday morning with the wish to be listened to and recognized for your competencies. You might wonder how you can generate the courage to speak up with confidence and how to position yourself at work to be seen as an invaluable (future) leader.

And on Saturday at 4.00 pm CET, you will have broken through the limits you had unconsciously set yourself and experience an unprecedented level of self-esteem that comes from deep within yourself. This game-changing shift in your mindset will empower you to communicate from your innermost conviction, own who you truly are, and stand in your full power.

Picture Ulrike Seminati

Meet Ulrike.

I understand how you feel.

My name is Ulrike Seminati, and I combine over 20 years of experience as a senior executive with certified Swiss coaching methodologies to bring the potential of female leaders to life.

Even though I was climbing up the whole career ladder to the very top, I always had an ambiguous relationship with my self-worth. During all those years I thought I had to play a role to communicate with impact and to be listened to.

I have asked myself:

Am I capable, worthy enough? Why do others not recognize me for my competencies? And how can I finally step up and feel great about my very personal way of being?

Yet once I understood that the key to these questions sit right between my ears I stopped to search for reasons in the outside world and started to seriously work on myself.

It changed everything for me. It will also change everything for you if you are willing to take this path.

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