Make a quantum leap in your relationship with money and break through the limits you set yourself!

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Break through your limits.

Do you already know deep inside that your beliefs prevent you from reaching your full potential?

We all have an intimate, energetic, and psychological relationship with money – our own individual money paradigm. But like any relationship, our involvement with money can become dysfunctional and influence our hearts and minds in a counterproductive way.

You will enter this event at 9.00 am with the wish to getting rid of anything that has been so far holding you back from living your full financial potential. You might have the feeling that “being rich” is for other people – but not for you, or you simply feel uncomfortable with asking for a decent salary increase or doubting if you will ever get paid adequately for your hard work.

And at 4.00 pm, you will walk out with the conviction that you can have it all. You will have broken through the limits you unconsciously set yourself and walk out with an action plan that you have worked out not only with your brain but also with your heart. The resulting changes in your mindset will positively affect your financial situation, your career, and your confidence in the value of your work.


How it works.


Profoundly evaluate your subconscious money scripts and understand what is currently standing in your way.


Create access to these deeply rooted unconscious patterns and remove self-sabotaging beliefs.


Create additional neuronal connections in your brain and set up a concrete master plan and milestones to wealth.

What others say about the building blocks of this training

This is unlike any other program you might have come across because you will go beyond the theory and right down to the root causes.

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Picture Ulrike Seminati

Meet Ulrike.

My name is Ulrike Seminati, and I combine over 20 years of experience as a senior executive across different industries with certified Swiss coaching methodologies to bring the potential of female leaders to life.

Even though I was climbing up the whole career ladder to the very top, I always had an ambiguous relationship with money. During all those years I was heavily struggling to claim adequate compensation for my work and all too often felt left behind.

I even attributed this to my own inadequacy. I have asked myself:

Am I capable, worthy enough? Why do others not appreciate my value?

Yet once I understood that the key to these questions sit right between my ears I stopped to search for reasons in the outside world and started to seriously work on myself.

It changed everything for me. It will also change everything for you if you are willing to take this path.

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